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Friday, February 22, 2013

Reality and Relationship debut on GeeQue Palace Radio

Last night was our return to radio, the debut of "Reality and Relationships" on GeeQue Palace radio. If you missed our show enjoy. We had a great time last night. My wife, Tiffany and me were blessed to return to the airways with a show on relationships. We take our marriage seriously and we try hard to help others find their way. Some say its our ministry. Maybe so, either way we are going to show what the Lord is doing for us. 

We also were blessed to debut the promotional song to our new poetry anthology "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" created by All Mega Waters of  Enterpraisement Media.

We are on every Thursday from 8pm - 10pm on 
GeeQue PalaceRadio

Last Night's topic:


We will feature great conversations, answers to difficult one couple weekly in our "FB Couple of the Week" segment. Stop by our page Facebook.com/MakingMarriageCoolAgain Like our page and tell us why we should pick you. 
Please tune in each week and tell a friend. 

Also remember to check out our new poetic anthology "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" Drops March 5th. www.BravinPublishing.com

You can also pick up a copy of "From Gigolo to Jesus" my personal memoir on how I change my life from Whore to Loving Husband and Man of God

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