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Saturday, February 9, 2013

"The Pursuit of Happyness"

This video touches on something I have been fighting with inside myself for a while. Watch it first before reading my post.

For years I have felt there is something else or more I should be doing with my life. Something which will bring me greater or complete happiness. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy teaching immensely and love the effect I've had on the lives of children. I enjoy writing and publishing books each day. However in the past five years something has been eating at my spirit  Begging me to move on to something else. I know its the Lord speaking to me but yet I resist the nudging. The unhappiness and incomplete feelings I have are growing louder. So this year I have begun meditating and sitting quietly so I can receive the directions, the road map for where I am being sent. However, there are stumbling blocks and mufflers to the word being given,  I can't listen completely because of the financial situations I've placed myself in for living an Ungodly life for so long. 

You see it makes sense to me know, when the Lord said "The Wages of Sin Is Death" Romans 6:23 
The Lord never said which type of death. There is of course physical death. Which is what most of us fear and use as our understanding to this scripture. However, I have come to learn there are other deaths we don't consider. There is Social death, Spiritual Death, Martial Death and Financial Death. When you consider it,  name any sin and there is some form of death connected to it. This is why I have tried to push myself to do so many things to pay off debts and get my finances where I need them. Paying child support is never something I complain about since my children are worth every penny I pay. 

When I make a personal decision I have to consider the amounts of money I would make or give up so I don't alter their lives and that is the problem. When money is required to create a life of happiness it means you may have to give up certain financial ventures you currently are a part of. This can and will leave you in the dark trying to decided which is the most important path to take. For me there is no decision, my financial responsibilities have to be dealt with first and happiness has to wait; even if the void becomes an abyss. I know that sounds sad but I lived such a selfish life in the past I don't want to take advantage of anyone else going forward. 

As an educator of  17 years, everyday I walk into school, I attempt to push children to be greater than they think they can be. I want them to be better than where I am currently. I am train them to learn from my mistakes and successes. Now some would say Mr. Belvin, you're a good teacher, you have 3 college degrees, you own a business, you have a lovely wife, you've written 2 books and been a part of 3 others things have to be great for you? You have to be happy? My response is I am blessed and content. I respect the blessings and enjoy what the Lord has given me. However, I am not where I want to be and each accomplishment is in place as a bridge to my goal of actual happiness. I speak the truth to the students, if I don't I risk leading them down the same roads I once traveled. In my book "From Gigolo to Jesus" I speak about my past life as a misogynistic whore and what that life cost me. I am still paying the installment note on that life. You can't pay for the past and it not effect the present, unless you're making ridiculous money. Well my blessings haven't reached that level yet. So my grind continues. 

True happiness is a rare jewel. Its not something many will ever possess and when the few get it, they'll automatically see a difference in who they are. Physiologist Abraham Maslow's originally created his "Hierarchy of needs" as a five stage model  it has since been adapted to eight. The top two spots of that model are ; 

8 Transcendence needs - helping others to achieve self actualization. 
7. Self-Actualization needs - realising personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.  

I read only 10% of the human race reaches these stages. It stated many of us only reach stage four, five or six which is;
 6. Aesthetic needs - appreciation and search for beauty, balance, form, etc. 
 5. Cognitive needs - knowledge, meaning, etc.  
4. Esteem needs - self-esteem, achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial responsibility, etc. 

So as you watch the video, think about your own happiness, understand we all know life is about choices. Past, present choices are going to dictate where you are in life. Currently,  I am pushing to get pass level 6. Which is the level I believe I am at. I feel at this point in my life I am going to need the Lord's help even more to guide me out the muddy waters of my past. When I reach the clean shores, my happiness will be waiting. I refuse to get depressed or act ungrateful with all that has been given to me. I want to get to that mountain top of Happiness and help others to find theirs as I do. 

There are powerful words out here on the net and if we allow ourselves to lock in on them, the things which appear so distant can be become obtainable. So happiness here I come. I am taking as many people with me as I can, with the Lord's help of course; Because without Him there is nothing. I am sure the Father wants to see his children happy is all aspects so this is why I am going to lean on faith as I push up this mountain. 

This is one of the most power scenes I've seen in the movies. Because the men offering the job have no idea what Chris Gardner (played very well by Will Smith) has been through to get to that position of to be offered the job. Will Smith acting is on point as he makes me believe he is really "Chris Gardner" receiving his joyous moment. If you've never seen "The Pursuit of Happyness" you must. If you never read about the real Chris Gardner you must. Its  pure motivation. 



    1. Thanks Kathy. I appreciate the kind words.. God Bless.