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Sunday, December 29, 2013

"The Kingdom Voices Gospel Program" & "The Mantle of GOD Empowerment Program"

Shalom Beloved;

Good evening family.
We are pleased to announce, our programs 
"The Kingdom Voices Gospel Program" & "The Mantle of GOD Empowerment Program" 
have gained many listeners. Over the last 9 months, we've grown to 20,000 listeners with little promotion, just by blessing of the Holy Ghost.

Here are a few of our guest who have blessed out airwaves:

Apostle Tyson

Apostle Marcus Dupree

Apostle K.L. Belvin & Queen Belvin

Bishop Harold Rollinson

Dr, YaQuanda Payne Mccall

Prophetess Dwann Holmes Rollinson

Prophetess latonya Smith

Pastor Torrey Montgomery

Minister Dominic Mcneil

Minister Arthur Weathersby

Elder Curtis Magwood

Prophetess Laneen "Dr. Intimacy" Haniah

Bishop Dennis Jones

Pastor Isaiah Robertson

Minister Stevie T

Prophet Dave Benson

The Legendary Manhattans

Psalmist Annetta Williams

The Alabama Spirituals

Denita Gibbs

Darren Deac

Deacon Brown

St. Clair The GappStar

Saint Woods

Titus 1:1-4

God Over everything

Mannie SC

Davyne Dantzler

Young Man

Stacy Weaver

The Apostles

Omega Sparks

Godz Messenger

Please leave your name and the show you appear on some memorable moments and your experience. we look forward to reaching out to you in the future.