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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

EnterPraisement Media Group

EnterPraisement Media Group

We are in Preparation all around the board on what GOD is doing in our lives, we are about to enter into the last shift of this season appropriately called the 4th Watch.

The Lord gave us specific instructions concerning our Consecration and it is a process of 6 days that will do a series of things in our life.
{Jeremiah 1:10}

He has set us his Kingdom Ambassadors over the Nations which mean; the Nations the UN counsel should be looking to us for instructions on how to better the economy because inside of us is the voice of all mighty GOD and the People of GOD are in desperate need of a life changing rearranging word that will align them to there destiny. He has set us over the Kingdoms of the World, In (Matthew: 4) The devil took Jesus and offered him the Kingdoms of the world for Worship that belong solely unto the Lord thy GOD.

Now ask yourself? Why did the devil offered The Son of GOD the Kingdoms of this world? And did you also notice that He took Jesus and showed him these things so ask yourself What is he showing so many people? The exact same thing the pleasures and cares of this world. The Kingdom rulership and dominion he had in the former world{Ezekiel 28:11-19}He wants to provide a corrupted bootleg of a false Kingdom in which he has access to.

Day 1: Root out
Day 2: Pull down
Day 3: Destroy
Day 4: Throw down
Day 5: Build
Day 6: Plant

Once this process is complete Spiritually then we are prepared to walk in the fullness of what GOD has for us in this 4th watch of the season as we begin to transition in to the 1st watch of the next season.

We also will be in all night prayer Friday 9pm-9am Saturday.

Thank you ;

EnterPraisement Media Group
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