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Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Generational Transfer of Christ"

"Generational Transfer of Christ"

”The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham.” – Matthew 1:1:”

This is something the Holy Spirit placed on my heart concerning the Spiritual make up of Christ. Now we know in the scriptures that Christ earthly mother Mary was pregnant by the word of God that was released in the realm of the Spirit and became sinless flesh on the inside her. Joseph wasn’t Christ natural father and God knew that however Joseph was Christ Step father to give him a legal right on the natural side to the throne through the linage in the book of Matthew. However in the book of Luke 3:23-38 it is the linage of his mother which Characteristics of these Prophets are in his make up:

Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc. Just to name a few. This first line is so critical because it establishes 2 things: Royalty and Anointing.

1) Royalty-Christ is the King of kings Lord of lords; he reigns in his Kingdom in the spiritual realm however there are ordinance of the natural that the sinner man must respect so through the linage of King David who reigned over Israel no one can question his heritage and right to sit on the throne of David because the requirements of the Messiah is that he would reign on David’s throne. The Scripture Declares he spoke as one having authority not as the scribes the sound of authority comes from the kings in the make up of his DNA and at the same time being God in the earth realm. Christ did not have a problem with keeping himself Holy although he was always tempted by the natural state of who he was emotionally getting upset at the temple, crying at Lazarus death also physically hungry while fasting and falling asleep exhausted from ministry in the boat with his disciples. When he was honored as Son of David it was an acknowledgement of his earthly Kingship. In the book of Acts 1: Lord Wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel? When you realize that you are apart of an unseen kingdom you will not conduct yourself any kind of way light. Realization will allow you to see is that your words carry authority to set people free or bound them a kingdom tongue has wisdom to solve what ever out of order because we are kings who govern under the supreme King Jesus if you don’t know do not lean to your own understanding because the spiritual Kingdom of God comes against every knowledge that is natural or flesh, to the natural mind we deal with logics and reason and it must make sense but if you would yield more unto the knowledge of God because Apostle Paul tells us that the Natural man can not comprehend or discern the deep things of God. When people come into your circle conduct yourself appearance conversation wise that no matter who they are sinner or saint the life you live is a sermon and it says: You are in the presence of royalty.

2) Anointing- (Galatians 3:14) The Blessing of Abraham came on us through the Lord Jesus Christ. In order that we may receive the promise of the spirit through faith. We are anointed according to our heart. The Lord wants to remove all traces of the old heart out of our lives and out of our hearts the pure in heart shall see God. Jesus was not authorized for his work to go forth until the Holy Spirit descended on him like a dove and the Father bear witness of his commission for the work when he said “This my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased (Matthew 3:16-17) God was well pleased to be dwelling in an earthly vessel that was Holy and blameless The great I AM was in that vessel which were an vessel of honor. Christ said in your belly shall flow rivers of living water and the flow is the continuation of the manna that falls from heaven ;the revelatory knowledge of the throne room connection to the mind of God that Adam had to name animals because it was the same God that named man and woman together Adam. Jesus said in the book of John that I am the True Vine with out him we can not do anything, so if we connect with God in prayer and in obedience we shall bear fruit one hundred fold and have the ability to flow in the spirit without clutter. Disobedience places blockage and spiritual dams that hinder us also from understanding. That’s why in all thy getting we must gain understanding the understanding is the fruit of the harvest of being connected to the true vine which will lead us in all truth and righteousness.

Shalom Beloved.

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